TO SIGN UP FOR CLASS ON A COMPUTER: Please note that you will need to have cookies enabled if you are using a computer so that your computer can remember you on our mindbody site. 

To enable cookies in Safari:
1. Go to the Safari drop-down menu.
2. Select Preferences.
3. Click Privacy in the top panel.
4. Under 'Block cookies' select the option 'Never.'
5. For increased security, once you have finished using the site, please change the Privacy setting back to Always.

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer
1. In Internet Explorer, select the Tools button, and then select Internet options.
2. Select the Privacy tab, and under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies (or the bottom to allow all cookies), and then select OK.


  • Pre-register for each class that you would like to attend as space is sometimes limited.

  • We are a boutique studio and our space really is a studio. There is no front desk...please check in with the instructor and s/he will check you into class.

  • We do not have showers. Students often change in the bathroom.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Each pre-registered class is deducted 3 HOURS before class time.

PACKAGE EXPIRATION: Please check the expiration date on your package. Our system should send you a reminder that your package will expire when it is close to its expiration date. 


The quickest way to sign up for class is to download our studio app!