Get the Initial Assessment $80 to understand the program and how you will achieve your fitness goals. Expect a 55 min workout with Ash or Mindy Berla, depending on availability.

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  • Sports Performance Training takes you to the next level with your climbing, biking, running or athletic pursuits. Personal Training at BK ROOTS is based on ensuring that your body is moving in optimal movement patterns by correcting imbalances and restoring alignment.  
  • Stabilization, strength, balance, power, core work and isolated movements are utilized to improve your body’s performance.
  • Isolated movements that target specific muscles to then be combined with dynamic movements that make the functional movement muscles work together, synergistically and efficiently - making you a stronger you. 


  • Sports Rehab programming identifies your body’s imbalances of tight and weak muscles that are inhibiting you from proper alignment and movement patterns. 
  • Specializing in knee, lower back and shoulder injuries to rehabilitate the surrounding muscles of the injured joints along with synergistically improving functional full body movement patterns. Become pain free forever. This is not a quick fix, but a lifelong journey of mind and body. You will learn what you need to do for your body to keep it pain-free. Pilates and any other modality in the studio are utilized to get your body to its best. 
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Please note that we have a 3 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel at least 3 hours before class start time, the class will be used.