Our Story

circa 2008

circa 2008



Number One Asshole messaged Mindy Hyman on myspace seeking a "Jewish Athletic Female" in the summer of 2007.  They became activity partners and rode their bikes to the Beach in Brooklyn, NY that summer.

Sensei Ash taught mixed martial arts (Vee Arnis JuJitsu) since he was 14 and Mindy had a passion for fitness, dance and yoga. They lived in his hometown, Brooklyn, saving up to move out west to start a new beginning in the West Coast Brooklyn - Oakland, Ca. 

Ash and Mindy Berla opened Brooklyn Academy Roots (now BK ROOTS FITNESS) in Nov 2011. They have two daughters, live in Oakland and are truly passionate about bringing balanced fitness to the Oakland community. 

FUN OAKTOWN FACT: Did you know that parts of Oakland used to be called Brooklyn in the late1800's?


bk-oakland map