1. To speed up your metabolism, eat a light breakfast within one hour upon waking: think whole wheat fig bar with tbsp peanut butter or pre-cooked oatmeal w/ cinnnamon, brown sugar and flax seeds. Not hungry in the morning? This means you might have eaten too much the night before or too close to going to bed.

  2. Want to lose weight? Try to eat the bulk of your calories before 5pm so that you can have a light meal for dinner. Such as sauteed greens with olive oil and garlic with 3-4oz of protein (chicken the size of your palm).

  3. Ensure that protein is a part of every meal. Think eggs for breakfast, fish, chicken, beef or legumes in your salad at lunch, Chobani yogurt with almond butter as a snack and a protein and vegetable for dinner!

  4. Personal trainers/nutritionists are constantly talking about eating 5-6 small meals a day. This is because you want to think of your body as a machine. You put energy in, you use it and then you need more fuel. Repeat. This repetition of eating throughout the day speeds up your metabolism so that calories are being utilized and not stored as fat. Calories get stored as fat when there are too many of them in one meal (especially carbs). Limit carbohydrate intake to one per meal. Such as potato or pasta or rice or bread, but not more than one of those together.

  5. Never get to the point of starving. It is this panic in the brain that causes us to make poor food choices.

  6. As everyone says -- don't overeat. Overeating is feeling full. Try to eat to the point of 75% full. Satiated, but not full.

  7. TRY THIS! Look at your food at the beginning of the meal and notice how appealing it looks. It has a sheen to it. Take breaks while eating to consume a beverage thus allowing your brain the necessary 20 minutes it needs for the stomach to communicate satiety. Pause and half way through the meal or towards the end, look at the food again. Does it look slightly flat? Or not as great as it did when you first started? This means you are done!

  8. Switch up the size of your plates and bowls! Use salad plates as your dinner plates and small bowls instead of regular sized. A full plate psychologically feels like a full plate no matter the size.

Mindy Berla