Reclaim Your Health with Ayurveda - WORKSHOP
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Reclaim Your Health with Ayurveda - WORKSHOP

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic healing system and is considered Yoga’s “sister science.” Though shunned for many years, modern science now recognizes the incredible efficacy of Ayurvedic practices in healing disease and imbalances of the modern world.

In this workshop we’ll:

•Explore the underlying concepts of Ayurveda

•Discover how the principles of Ayurveda can empower us to awaken our body’s natural ability to heal and thrive

•Learn more about your specific constitution and current imbalances

All workshop participants will be offered a FREE 15 minute Ayurvedic phone consultation by appointment after the workshop.

$30 if you enroll before 4/14 - $35 thereafter


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