PAIN is good for you. It is the catalyst for change. Our bodies don’t lie. We can turn to distractions from truth of self, habits and interpersonal relations. We cannot ignore pain when it becomes loud enough that we must take action because of it. How many of us pop a pill when something hurts physically or mentally? Humans naturally want to take the easier road. Yet it is the difficult path, the things that make us step out of our comfort zone that truly make a difference, that produce change.

I love working with people who have physical pain. The pain MAKES us have to do something about it. Many people opt for surgery because it is easier than changing one’s lifestyle and perspective. I personally don’t agree with that, but each person deals with distress differently. And many people don’t know that there are other options. That we can heal the body through movement. I’ve seen it done. I’ve helped people release physical pain just through foam rolling, stretching and strengthening. It saddens me that our healthcare system doesn’t deal with preventive health. It frustrates me that most doctors don’t recommend that their patients seek relief of their physical pain through their physical self. Maybe they don’t know that this is possible.

Pilates was created as a means of healing the body through physical movement for soldiers during wartime. Pilates turned into a fitness brand, but has the potential to heal and renew. The body is meant to heal itself. We just have to explore different means of healing for that specific issue. I have yet to meet a body that doesn’t respond well to the techniques that I have clients perform to re-learn healthy movement patterns. Although my specialty is lower back pain (because I’ve dealt with it myself) strengthening and releasing tension in the body is what it needs and wants and responds well to. Some bodies need more involved help with releasing tension through acupuncture, chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, massage or myofascial release. Finding the right combination of expertise and aid for specific issues of that body provides alleviation of pain and the road to recovery.

There is a solution to every problem. I would like to help you with yours. Or if you know someone who could benefit from my practice, please share this with them.