Fall is Refreshing

Fall is an excellent time of year to reinvigorate after the summer. It’s like a grounding down and getting ready to settle in for the winter. Well, in the Bay Area the winters are pretty beautiful with moderate weather great for outdoor activities such as running, biking and hiking.

Autumn is also a good time to set up some pre-Jan personal or fitness goals for yourself. Maybe you would like to have a routine that is convenient, positive and consistent such as 2x a week. Perhaps you want to get into that certain pair of jeans by New Years. Or you want to feel a bit more grounded for the upcoming holidays. Exercise definitely helps to keep us more calm and collected. It settles that buzz of energy that the body needs each day for physical output. After we workout, we feel better overall. This is because our hormones have just gotten a boost, the blood is pumping and our bodies feel more at ease due to more oxygen to all of our millions of cells.

We have a fun 6 Week Fall Challenge from Nov 6 - Dec 13. Our newest class (by popular demand) Power Pilates Springboard on Tues/Thurs 7:30-8:15am will get your heart going, get the kinks out, speed up your metabolism and help you have a balanced and refreshing day!

Attend 8-12 of the 12 classes within the series and save on your next purchase at BK ROOTS! Just sign up for class and you’re in the contest! Make this fall a strong and stable one!

Mindy Berla